“Covering the Performing Arts in  Our Nation’s Capital, The United States and the Around the World.”

Patrick’s  skill is in blending heart and mind for thoughtful writing that

brings artists and projects to life.”

 — Jenny Bilfield, President & CEO Washington Performing Arts



“The final aim for all music should be nothing else, but to the Glory of God and the refreshment of the spirit.”-J. S. Bach

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A CALL TO ACTION: Beyond the Songs

Arts Journalist Patrick D. McCoy speaks out on the most recent racial injustices, including the death of George Floyd and calls arts presenters, venues and other leaders to action: With the anxiety and turmoil of COVID-19, the current dark season has been compounded...

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Patrick D. McCoy

Arts Journalist, Conductor and Organist

Patrick McCoy:

Columnist and Connoisseur

Patrick McCoy:

Columnist and Connoisseur

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